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Reduce Capex With Reliable Oilfield Rental Tools

Many of our clients call on Cougar Drilling Services when they seek a solid way to reduce capital expenditures. Renting drilling tools is a strategic decision. Given the high costs of purchasing and operating oilfield equipment, a quality rental solution reduces capex while ensuring that your equipment is never rendered obsolete or less effective than the current state of the art model.

Benefits of Oilfield Equipment Rental With Cougar Drilling Solutions

Cougar Drilling Solutions offers a simple, dependable process to equip your teams for short-term projects and affordable options for the longer term. Save on expenditures by making reasonable monthly payments instead of making large purchases as capital expenses. The related benefits?

  • Have the tools for the job, for precisely as long as you need them.
  • Be able to budget in agile, accurate manner.
  • Vastly lower the need for maintenance and the risk of taking equipment out of service when you need it up and running.
  • Meet or exceed current safety standards, industry best practices, and applicable regulations.

With Cougar Drilling Solutions providing your downhole tools and services, your team can cut downtime and enhance production even as you lower your capital spending.

Cougar's Oilfield Tool Inventory

Here are the top Cougar oilfield tools available for rent:

  • The Cougar LEX Tool: As operators drill longer laterals, moving pipe down becomes problematic. Solve the concern and cut rock faster with a consistent, continual axial pulse that keeps energy going to both BHA and bit.
  • The DJ6 Hydra-Mechanical Jar and the DJ10 Double Acting Hydra-Mechanical Jar: These in-demand jars for downhole drilling are highly durable and have proprietary latches to prevent accidental jarring.
  • Shock tools for a range of conditions: Cougar is a leading supplier of shock tools. And now, we're meeting our customers' increasing demand for PDC and tricone bits.
  • Mechanical Thruster™: Using bits aggressively can cause irreparable damage, translating into loss of productive hours. This top tool for enhancing performance can significantly reduce trips and heighten reliability.
  • Stabilizers: Cougar Drilling Solutions uses 4330 and 4145 heat-treated, stress-relieved steel, tested by independent metallurgical laboratories to verify its quality.
  • Roller Reamers: Cougar Drilling Solutions supplies roller reamers of outstanding durability and longevity, regardless of the harshness of a project's reaming conditions. We supply three and six-point cutters for every formation: shale, sandstone or chart.
  • Taper Blade Reamers: Our taper blade reamers use sharp carbide, excellent for carving tight areas and doglegs. They minimize torque and drag during drilling and lower damage to equipment.

Dependable, strong and innovative, our inventory of Cougar Drilling Solutions equipment reflects our commitment to your team's performance. And with our rental options, you’ll be cutting costs, in every operation. Have the precise equipment you need, when you need it, while enjoying the capability of scaling your company and modernizing your equipment.

Need Assistance Making Selections? Call on Cougar.

At Cougar Drilling Solutions, we engineer advanced drilling tools, backed with excellent service for the teams we support.

Our goal in providing rental solutions? To aggressively lower your costs, while enabling your best possible performance. When you're working with Cougar, you're working with experts who know your business, and are ready to help you select the best tools for your projects.

Contact us to learn how Cougar can collaborate with your business, wherever your next job is planned. And let us discuss with you how our clients continually reduce costs through rental options.

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