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How to Select a Downhole Tools Supplier for Your Next Major Project


To carry out a drilling or completions project, reliable, high-performance downhole tools are indispensable. Most projects face severe pressure and temperature conditions. Operators look to Cougar Drilling Solutions for equipment such as the LEX axial oscillating tool for optimizing effective, site-specific drilling and minimizing risks.

Cougar also has a solid history in designing downhole tools, from shock subs and stabilizers in the 1970s to data-driven solutions like the Mechanical Thruster in the 2010s. 

In addition to developing best-in-class tools, what should a downhole tools supplier and manufacturer offer to merit your trust and loyalty?

This raises the question of what excellence is made of. Here's our answer.

Find a Downhole Tools Supplier That's a Reliable Partner for Your Team

A great tools supplier can and will assist your team. For Cougar, this means our experts work with yours to streamline the time and minimize the expense of drilling your wells. The Cougar Drilling Solutions team will optimize your tools to suit the specifications of your site, conditions and project goals.

We value the learning process. We offer our time to show customers how our tools are best employed in complex drilling scenarios. We support strategy and skill acquisition that prepares our clients for long-term success.

Cougar can do it because we provide continuing professional development and skills training for our own personnel. And because we work collaboratively with our clients, we are transparent as well as supportive. If the industry offers any better way for your team to obtain the highest value without sacrificing quality, we'll point you to it.

Engage a Downhole Tools Supplier Committed to Leading Our Industry in Service Standards

Cougar Drilling Solutions has been contributing to the industry's growth since 1969 when the company was founded in Edmonton, Canada. Our engineers developed the Cougar shock tool in 1970. Committed to the integrity of our manufacturing process, we would later develop the first industry supply chain system of its kind, Certified by Cougar. 

We make continuous improvements — not only on our downhole drilling technology but also on the support services that accompany them. We're focused on meeting the ever-evolving needs and expectations of our clients.

Wherever our partners work, whether they're operating shallow vertical wells or extended reach laterals, Cougar's international team of experts are ready to assist.

Selecting Built-for-Purpose Downhole Tools? Make Sure You Meet That Purpose

How does Cougar's service support the efficiency of our customers as they put downhole tools to use? Let us describe just one of many instances of our client-focused commitment.

In the Delaware Basin in West Texas, a client was sinking money into carrying out several trips for each lateral section. The main issue was damages to drill bits, which could not stand up to the axial vibrations. Our team ran an analysis of the well profile and drilling performance needs, working with the client's drilling team to stay fully apprised of the project's requirements.

We recommended the Cougar Mechanical Thruster, configured and positioned according to the client's unique well specifications, to ease shock and vibration. This solution protected both the bits and the bottom hole assembly. With Cougar Drilling Solutions’ Mechanical Thruster, the operator cut down its section trips significantly. On average, each section needed two to three fewer bits to drill. Bottom line: Cougar's client obtained back-to-back records on two rigs, saving $142,500 per well.

Choose a Supplier That's Capable and Consistent. Call on Cougar.

At Cougar Drilling Solutions, we engineer best-in-class drilling tools and supply outstanding service in support of a worldwide clientele.

Let us work with you to select and optimize quality tools built for safety, strength and efficiency. Our goal is unremitting reduction of your drilling costs, and the top performance your operation can achieve. You can expect your equipment to be delivered by our industry's top professionals: partners in your team's safety, knowledge and success.

Contact us to discuss how our team can support yours in your next drilling operation, wherever you work.

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