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How the Mechanical Thruster Benefits a Rotary Steerable System | Cougar

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Shock, vibration and erratic parameters wreak havoc on rotary steerable system assemblies, causing unplanned trips for failure, steerability concerns and increased well costs.

Introducing the Mechanical Thruster to your BHA prevents these issues from occurring on your wells. By balancing the mechanical forces from weight on bit against the hydraulic forces from differential pressure, the Mechanical Thruster keeps a constant and consistent force to the bit. This keeps your parameter envelopes tight and minimizes shock and vibration, protecting your rotary steerable system (RSS) assembly. 

With the Mechanical Thruster you can

  • Increase reliability
  • Reduce trips for failure
  • Enhance your control
  • Decrease shock and vibration
  • Maintain consistent drilling parameters 

Cougar has 50 years of drilling tools manufacturing experience, and our team engineered the new Mechanical Thruster to significantly increase downhole reliability. We engaged Stress Engineering to perform full scale destructive testing to qualify it. The results: the MT3X has three times the fatigue life of the powerful MT6. It's made of 165 KSI steel and features redesigned internal and service connections, giving you even greater dependability and control. 

To ensure you get top drilling performance from the Mechanical Thruster, our team discusses your drilling parameters, requirements and goals. Our engineers optimize its placement and configuration so you can be sure you get maximum effectiveness from the tool. Whatever extreme conditions you operate in, we create a tailored plan to protect your BHA and rotary steerable system and reduce your trips for wear and tear, drilling times and costs.

The Cougar Drilling Solutions team has been designing, manufacturing and delivering downhole drilling tools, services and solutions to oil companies around the world since 1969. Our tools are manufactured in ISO certified facilities, thoroughly tested and proven reliable in drilling operations around the world. Contact us to request a quote or learn more.

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