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Are Your Downhole Vibration Tools Optimized?

You know why you need downhole vibration tools – to reduce friction and increase drilling efficiency. There are lots of options to help you minimize friction and damage to your bottom hole assembly. 

But are you sure that your downhole vibration tools are operating at maximum effectiveness? 

Poor placement and configuration degrade downhole vibration tools' effect by not efficiently transferring weight to bit. 

At Cougar, we resolve the issue. The LEX Tool creates a consistent axial pulse across the drill string, effectively moving energy to the bottom hole assembly and bit. Like other downhole vibration tools, it minimizes downhole friction and damage to bottom hole assembly components. However, because we optimize the LEX for your well, you also maximize effective weight transfer, increase sliding ROP and reduce section times and associated costs.

How We Optimize Downhole Vibration Tools

Some companies just send a tool to your location, and then you’re on your own. With answers like “just run it 3,000 feet back,” they don’t optimize its placement or configuration for your well and conditions.

The problem is that without optimal placement and configuration, you get minimal performance from the tool. You need to use more input (weight on bit) for additional units of output (rate of penetration and differential pressure). Poor placement and configuration result in poor or no deflection. Friction builds, causing ineffective weight transfer and a low rate of penetration.

Our Solution

We know there's no one-size-fits-all answer, so we optimize each tool’s placement and configuration for your site. We consider all pertinent elements of your operation and then we configure the LEX to fit your application. Optimizing the shock sub for maximum deflection per pulse is the key to success with any oscillating tool. 

However, we don't stop with one-time optimization. Our team collects post-run data to create incremental increases in performance on each well. This way you can make sure you get the most out of your tool, every time.

Cougar has 50 plus years of experience manufacturing and developing the industry standard for shock technology. You can count on Cougar Drilling Solutions to optimize the tools for your well, decrease downtime and cut more rock in less time. Contact us to learn how we can make your downhole drilling tools effective.

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