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Client Cuts Section Time by 15% with the Mechanical Thruster


The Problem: Shock and Vibration

A Midland Basin operator experienced high shock and vibration and wanted to reduce it to increase drilling efficiency and reduce section costs.

The Solution: The Mechanical Thruster

Cougar Drilling Solutions analyzed the BHA, well profile and drilling performance requirements. We discussed specific objectives with the drilling team. Then we optimized the Mechanical Thruster (MT6-800) configuration and placement for maximum effectiveness.

The Mechanical Thruster reduces the severity of shock and vibration, limiting the detrimental effects to the bottom hole assembly and bits.

The Results

Over a five well offset comparison, we decreased shock and vibration significantly and cut section times. The average section time was reduced 8% and the average surface section time was cut 15%.

The operator saved an average of $41,000 per well and has continued to run the Mechanical Thruster across their drilling program with repeated results.

Other operators have seen time and cost savings with the Mechanical Thruster.

Cougar Drilling Solutions

We design, manufacture and deliver downhole Mechanical Thrusters and other specialty drilling tools, services and solutions to oil and gas companies around the world. We partner with you to make sure our tools are optimized for your project, your location and your goals. Contact us to learn how we can save you time and money on your next drilling project.

Operator Saves $130K CAD and Two Days Per Section with Thruster
Client Reduces Trips With Mechanical Thruster to Save $142K Per Well
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